Monday, June 13, 2016

3 Ways to Choose A Mattress

Getting a good night’s sleep is important to everyone’s health and happiness. However, in order to get that good night’s sleep there are a wide range of factors that come into play. Such things as comfort when sleeping, stress levels, temperatures in the house, and even a heavy mind can all contribute to a restless night’s sleep. Though each of these factors impact a healthy sleep there is one factor that tends to be even more important and yet very basic – having the right mattress to sleep on and one that allows you to enjoy the perfect restful slumber night after night.

how to choose mattressesIf you are in the market for a new mattress then the time is now to visit one of our spectacular mattress stores. Our Orange County and Los Angeles mattress stores have an expansive inventory of mattresses of nearly every style and size. We offer superior customer service and very affordable prices, which can greatly contribute to the ideal mattress shopping experience. Choosing the perfect mattress is every bit as important to your quality of life as is sleeping itself.

When deciding on the right mattress to buy, there are some important factors you must keep in mind. Many people are falsely lead to believe that the more you pay for a mattress the better the mattress is. This is not necessarily so – more expensive is not necessarily better. Here are 3 ways to choose a mattress that is perfectly suited to your individual needs.

1. First and foremost, if you are experiencing any health issues like arthritis, you want to consult with your orthopedic doctor and get insight as to their recommendations for selecting an ideal mattress. Your doctor is privy to your medical situation and is very knowledgeable when it comes to your spine and whether or not the curvature of your spine has special requirements or perhaps you have issues with your buttocks, head, heels, hips or shoulders. Your doctor will know if you require a specific level of support or if you need a mattress that will provide proper alignment of your body when sleeping. Consulting with your doctor is an important first step in choosing the perfect mattress, especially if you do, in fact, suffer from any illnesses or physical conditions.

Check Out Chiro Care Mattress

Check Out Chiro Care Mattress

2. The second factor to keep in mind when purchasing a mattress is how much you want to spend. Mattresses come in all styles, sizes, brands and price tags. Be certain you have a set budget in mind and a spending cap to avoid spending too much money on a mattress type you may not even need. At our reputable Los Angeles and Orange County mattress stores, we are all about the customer. Our team will not do like typical mattress sales people do. We will work with you within your budget and help you to find the discount mattress that is suited to your physical needs and to your pocket book as well. We are dedicated and committed to our 100% customer satisfaction ranking and will work alongside you to assist with your important decision-making process.

3. When choosing your mattress it is very important to try out all the different types of mattresses that interest you. It is much easier to judge a mattress for comfort if you take ample time to lie down on the mattress and experience its comfort personally. You should even ask for a test pillow if you want so you can test the mattress by lying in the same position you would normally sleep in. Give yourself enough time to relax and settle into the mattress a bit, and to compare other mattresses the same way, before making a decision on whether or not a specific mattress is too firm or too soft or simply does not feel comfortable to you at all.

mattress sizesAt our LA and OC stores, we suggest our customers start at the high end and work their way down when personally trying out the mattresses. Testing the top of the line mattresses first will give you a true feel for how incredibly comfortable they are, despite their cost. Then, as you work your way down when you reach a product that is just not comfortable at all you can then give focus to those mattresses that fall between the top of the line mattress you tried and the one you found to be completely uncomfortable. This way here you will be able to find a balance and then can make an accurate decision based on your comfort and personal budget.

When it’s time for your to purchase your next mattress, check out the deals on our online store. Customers in Los Angeles and Orange County have found us to be the most affordable mattress store in the region and indeed our selection and discounted prices, the absolute best!

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Which Mattress is Best for Arthritis Sufferers?

For people who suffer from arthritis, it is very important to their quality of life to purchase and own a comfortable mattress to sleep on each night. Keeping in mind that the most expensive type of mattress on the market is not necessarily the best mattress for arthritis sufferers, there are a wide range of mattress brands and styles to choose from that vary in comfort levels and in prices as well. There are coil, air, latex and memory foam mattresses available, but in all honesty, the most appropriate mattress is going to be dependent upon your own personal choice.

Mattress Sale for Arthritis SuffererAt our Los Angeles and Orange County mattress stores we not only have a wide range of mattress styles and brands available for purchase and offer them at remarkably affordable prices, but we also have the most superior customer service of any other mattress store in the area. Our friendly staff can assist you in choosing the perfect mattress that will suit your sleep patterns and yes, even your body that suffers desperately from arthritis. Our experts can discuss with you all the varied features and components of the various styles of mattresses we offer. They will apprise you of which mattresses, made up of which materials, will truly benefit your aching body. In addition, they can assist you in purchasing the perfect mattress for you. We will dig right into the details with you, have you try out a variety of different mattresses, and help you in your final decision making process.

Choosing the Best Mattress Type For Arthritis

Many customers come into our Orange County and our Los Angeles mattress stores looking specifically to buy a new mattress to help with their arthritis. Most will say that they wake up every single morning extremely stiff, sore and in some real pain and ask, which mattress is best for arthritis sufferers? Though they are well aware that their consistent pain comes from their arthritis, they also are aware that their mattress is contributing greatly to the discomfort and pain as well.

We offer a full lineup of top mattresses for sale at very affordable prices that can actually help to alleviate some of your arthritis pain and allow you to wake up in the morning a bit more refreshed. We offer ever-popular mattress collections, ranging from a pillowy super soft mattress to a mattress with a high density material that provides for support. This style of mattress conforms to your body easily and minimizes pressure points that can contribute to uncomfortable sleep and morning pain and discomfort. These mattresses also help to support and align your body which is why so many arthritis patients just fall in love with this perfect mix of support, style, and comfort.

Check Out Avalon Euro Top

Check Out Avalon Euro Top

In addition, we carry mattresses that also are popular with arthritis patients. The firmness or softness of these mattresses will allow you to set your comfort level to exactly what works best for you and your arthritis pain. Another popular one we offer that helps with arthritis pain is the President’s Euro-Top mattress. This mattress is quite firm and supportive and has a noticeably cushion top for comfort. It is definitely not a hard mattress, but most assuredly a firm mattress and is favored by arthritis sufferers as well.

Finally, we suggest to many of our customers that the comfort of a memory foam mattress and even the coil support of a traditional mattress can also be beneficial in providing comfort and alleviating pain for arthritis sufferers. Typically the ideal formula for choosing the best mattress to help with your arthritis is a combination of support and comfort. This perfect combination will, without a doubt, satisfy your sleep needs, alleviate some of your arthritis pain, and even allow you to feel more refreshed in the morning.

If you are one of the millions of arthritis sufferers who can’t seem to find the perfect mattress to help alleviate your pain and provide you with a better start to your everyday, then stop in at our Los Angeles or Orange County store and let our experienced and friendly staff help you to find the perfect mattress and get rid of those sleepless, pain filled nights. Everybody wants and needs a good night’s sleep and certainly purchasing an affordable, but high quality mattress at one of our locations can help you do just that. Let us help you find your ideal comfort mattress.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Can Sleeping On a Bad Mattress Cause Back Pain?

It only stands to reason that a bad mattress, or a mattress that is not suitable to the contours of your body can contribute to both sleep and health problems. Researchers tell us that one of the most common health issues related to a bad or inappropriate mattress is that of back pain. Further studies have proven that what type of mattress you sleep on can contribute greatly to your quality of sleep and your ability to function appropriately the following morning. We all know that sleep is critical to our everyday lives and that the average person spends near to a third of their lives sleeping in order to fully rest and rejuvenate both body and mind.

The Effects of Lack Of Sleep

mattress cause back painLack of sleep can contribute to muscle fatigue, pain and poor health. Our bodies as a whole benefit greatly from an appropriate amount of sleep and quality sleep. However, it is the spine that benefits most since it works the hardest throughout the day to provide both support and functionality to the body. When individuals do not get enough sleep or do not experience quality sleep, resulting in uncomfortable and broken sleep, then the body suffers greatly. When sleeping on a mattress that is uncomfortable and not appropriately suited to your specific body contouring and needs, then undoubtedly it is difficult to enjoy a healthy and comfortable sleep and specifically a sleep without resulting back pain. People frequently ask “can sleeping on a bad mattress cause back pain?” The answer is an emphatic yes, sleeping on a bad mattress can definitely cause back pain and neck pain as well as a variety of other body aches and pains.

Choosing The Right Mattress


Check Out Our Chiro Care Mattress

In order to alleviate back pain caused when sleeping and specifically when sleeping on the wrong mattress or a bad mattress, it is important to properly research and select the appropriate mattress size and style to suite your individual sleeping needs. Disrupted uncomfortable sleep on a bad mattress can surely exacerbate already existing chronic back problems and is proven to cause the development of lower back pain as well. With these statistics in mind, it is important for people to have a practical understanding of mattresses in general and familiarize themselves with the variety of mattress styles and sizes that are available on the market today in their efforts to find the perfect mattress for their own body needs.

Most mattresses, regardless of style or size, have a life expectancy of 10 years. However, cheaper mattresses not manufactured as well have a lifespan that is considerably less than the typical 10 years. Recognizing that a good mattress will accommodate your natural spine alignment, it makes perfect sense to choose a mattress that allows your muscles to relax completely providing you with a much more refreshing and healthy sleep. In order to select the right mattress for your body, you must consider the type of mattress you need, the foundation of the mattress, the firmness it offers, the overall durability of the mattress and, of course, the comfort it provides your body and mind.

Types and Styles of Mattresses

There is a wide range of mattress styles and types available today. Our discount warehouse store offers a full lineup of mattress sizes including twin, full, queen, king, and California king as well as an extensive selection of mattress types and styles. Recognized as one of the best all round discount mattress stores in all of Orange County and Los Angeles, we not only offer the best selection of mattresses but we offer them at extremely attractive discounted prices.

Much Better Nights of Sleep With Cool Gel Max

Much Better Nights of Sleep With Cool Gel Max

Our Orange County and Los Angeles discount warehouse stores offer mattresses of every type from inner spring, memory foam and pillow top mattresses to latex, flotation and air mattresses as well. While the inner-spring mattress offers more flexibility with regard to support and firmness, it seems the ever-popular memory foam and pillow top mattresses are the mattress of choice by most consumers. Many people find that a quality memory foam or pillow top mattress offers the highest level of support and comfort to the body since both pretty much mold to the shape of your body and present with incredible support and comfort beyond words. Organic latex has proven to be a popular mattress choice as well, especially for those consumers who do not want to be exposed to the chemicals that are typically used in a memory foam mattress or do not like or appreciate inner spring mattresses.

In addition to the type of mattress it is important to research and keep in mind the firmness of a mattress. A mattress that is too firm cannot support the body with balance and tends to only offer proportioned support to the heaviest parts of the body. With this fact in place, certainly there is little truth to the common opinion that the firmer a mattress is the better it is. In contrast to this fact, a mattress that is far too soft tends to sag and, therefore, does not allow the spine to maintain its proper alignment when sleeping and does not allow for a comfortable and supportive sleep.

Los Angeles & OC Mattress StoreIt is obvious that finding a mattress sale can be somewhat of a difficult task. In order to purchase the right mattress for you the best approach is simply to try each mattress out in order to determine the style, type and firmness that your body requires. When shopping in our warehouse stores, consumers can lie down on mattresses of all sizes and styles, turning over from side to side, to experience the comfort levels each mattress affords. During your “tryouts” be certain that the mattress does not sag and that it is able to support the natural position of your spine when sleeping. By trying out various mattresses before you choose the one to buy, you are ensured of finding the most comfortable and supportive mattress for your individual sleep and body needs.

One final thought to keep in mind when shopping for your perfect sleep mattress is choosing a proper foundation, or box spring. The box spring actually gives support to the mattress and contributes to the extended life of your mattress. As a rule of thumb, you want to purchase a new box spring when you purchase your new mattress to ensure that you have the foundation designed specifically for your mattress which will contribute greatly to the level of support and comfort your mattress will ultimately provide.

Most people, even back sufferers, do not find it necessary to purchase a mattress that is extremely firm. In most cases a medium firmness to a mattress is sufficient for the average person’s sleeping needs. Regardless of the size or type of mattress you are in search of, you can be sure our highly reputable Orange County and Los Angeles discount mattress stores will satisfy all your sleep mattress needs. Why not turn your “dream” of enjoying a healthy and restful sleep throughout the night with all the comfort and support your body needs into a true reality. Shop our friendly discount warehouse mattress stores today and enjoy not only our extensive inventory of beds and box springs, but our very attractive discounted prices that are by far the best in all of Orange County and Los Angeles.

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